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Clean Eating

For those of you who are new to this, it is remarkable what you learn when you start to read about nutrition. I started eating clean because it made me feel good, also I am lucky enough that my family equally enjoys to eat lots of fruits and vegetables which makes it a lot easier!

When I started my research I was blown away by the chemicals and products that are used in processed foods. And I am not saying that I don’t enjoy some cake every now and then but I limit it to special occasions or cheat days. I recently started to read a book by Tosca Reno called the Eat-Clean Diet Recharged. What I am learning is that you need to eat frequently to keep your metabolism in peak condition, I am also eating lots of lean protein and fiber to help me feel full and satisfied during the day.

Here is a sample of my daily diet so you can see what I mean:


1/2 cup plain oatmeal with one scoop of protein powder

1/4 cup berries (any kind)

2 hardboiled eggs



2 tbsp of Almond or Peanut Butter



Lean Meat (Chicken mostly)

2 servings of veggies- and I always have asparagus for one serving

1 6oz plain non-fat yogurt


Carrot and Celery Slices

Laughing Cow cheese wedge (Garden Veggie) or Lite Ranch Dressing



I am not the cook so I eat whatever is cooked for me lol but I limit my portion size and always have vegetables.

I drink 3 liters of water a day, and I sneak in a Green Tea somewhere during the day. I really limit coffee and alcohol consumption too but I am not ready to give either of them up! I really recommend that you enjoy what you are eating, research recipes and try new things. It’s not always about giving things up completely just eating them in moderation.

I started slowly and now eating this way is easy and I love how I feel so it’s not hard to stick to!

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And the journey begins…..

Did you ever wake up one day and say “how the hell did I get here?” well I did, I think a few times and then finally I decided it was about time I tried to answer that question!

I am a very proud Mom of 2, I couldn’t love my kids more or cherish the time that I get to spend with them but I was starting to feel a little lost. My entire 24 hour day revolved around them and making them happy. Even work became more of something I did because I needed to be able to provide for them. Now this is great and most people would applaud my sense of responsibility but I was so drained and had no outlet for myself.

I started working out right after E was born, luckily with her I only gained about 60lbs- with my son I gained over 80lbs! So when I weighed in at 180lbs after giving birth I thought it was reasonable to assume I could work that off in a month or two…feel free to LOL all you want at that one! But to give you some perspective I have been skinny my whole life and never had to work at it- EVER so why wouldn’t this stay the case? Well my body changed and at 36 I needed to put in some effort. Initially I was doing great, working out every day and eating right but then I returned to work and although I bring my lunch so I know I eat healthy the exercise fell apart. I was tired, I felt guilty for neglecting the kids, I just didn’t have the time.  I still managed to get myself down to 160lbs by January, and after a lot of complaining my friend who is an Advocare advisor pushed me to do the 24 Day Challenge. I was really skeptical, I thought it was a waste of time- and money because it’s not free! This turned out to be the GREATEST decision that I ever made. Here’s why:

  • I lost the weight- all of it and I felt so much stronger and energized!
  • I learned about “clean eating” and how this can totally affect your results
  • I became “happy” again 🙂

This might not sound like much to you but I felt like a new person and I used that to catapult me into make this a complete lifestyle change. After the challenge and today I am still using Advocare products to maintain my goals and keep me feeling great. Since I purchase so much I have also become and advisor, not only do I receive excellent product discounts but I have shared the challenge with so many people and helped them achieve the same results as I did. It has been truly rewarding to help others who feel the same way that I do and just didn’t know where to start.

I tell you this because all it takes is one little spark to start something that will change your life!

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