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Sunscreen? YES and keep it coming!

This was such a fun and exciting weekend! The pool is open, the kids were running all over the place outside enjoying the beautiful weather, there was such happiness in the air! My son is the funniest, he can wake up at 6am and he wants to run outside and play on the deck with his water toys etc. Every morning my new summer ritual begins, apply lots of sunscreen, put on the rash guard (water shirt) and send him on his way. Then I reapply a minimum of every 2 hours with the water babies spray. I do this all day every day if he’s going to be outside. He loves it, he never complains because it’s routine and he’s used to it. My daughter is only 9 months so she fights me but she gets the same treatment! Overkill? I think not, the sun is dangerous and there is no way I want my kids exposed to that so early in life. We have tent on the deck with sunscreens to limit the exposure.

I witnessed many parents over the weekend that don’t do this and I don’t understand it. I have been wondering if it’s that they don’t even realize they aren’t doing it or are people really dumb enough to think if you spray it on at 8am, it’s still working at 4pm? With everything we know and see about the dangers, I think it’s awful that parents don’t start really paying attention to this and making sure they protect their kids. There is nothing worse than a child with sunburn, and trust me I’ve missed spots and seen it first hand!

Parents I urge you to make this a priority this summer, protect your kids and yourselves!

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I will buy the crap food that makes my kid fat and then blame you McDonald’s for selling it!

So I just read the article about McDonald’s:

“McDonald’s Corp investors soundly rejected a shareholder proposal that would have required the world’s biggest fast-food chain to assess its impact on childhood obesity.”

Facebook is blazing! I think it’s amazing how we blame food chains for child obesity! Sure they could do more to serve up some healthy options but we, the PARENTS, are the ones buying the food. You can blame all the savvy advertising, the crummy toys, and the lovely clown that is sure to entice your children to come in and chow down on salty fries and disgusting “chicken” nuggets (I use quotes because I doubt it’s chicken lol) or we could take responsibility and feed our kids clean healthy meals.

I am not going to say that I or my son have never eaten this food, we have and to be honest he doesn’t prefer it to homemade nuggets or even the purdue ones- which is what I consider fast food.

From birth I gave my son (and now my daughter) lots of fruits and veggies and they love it. They don’t even know the world of garbage food exists- and when they are old enough I can only pray that all the years of talking to them about eating/being healthy will be enough to keep them on the right path. We lead our children by example. I let them eat cookies and cake on occasion but if I put cookies in front of my son and fresh watermelon I can guarantee he’s going for the watermelon.

All I am saying is we make choices every day for ourselves and for our children, if you are going to take the easy way and make the wrong choice then blame yourself!

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