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Why are all the cool people buying “organic”?

on May 23, 2012

This is like a new phenomenon, all of a sudden websites, blogs and magazines are filled with articles and notes on buying organic fruits and veggies. So I decided to do a ton of research on this and find out what the real deal is!

Here are 2 highlights:


  • Some nasty chemicals are sprayed on them, it’s gross and it kills the nutrients
  • Our bodies now have to combat these chemicals what we are voluntarily ingesting, to say is bluntly we are poisoning ourselves (nice, right?)


Doesn’t sound so bad really when you think about all the other stuff we feed ourselves- all those chemicals that we like to call fat-free i.e. I can’t believe it’s not butter (me either, because it’s not!) It also costs a lot more to buy organic produce- sometimes a lot more!

Well I am on my quest for clean and healthy so I decided I would join in on the craze but only on certain things that I believe from reading would have the greater amount of toxins- namely anything with thin skin that can’t block it out. I am always updating this and it doesn’t mean I would refuse to eat a blueberry but I am trying!

Here is my list:







Red Peppers


Green Beans









I recently started a garden in the backyard and we have planted many of these so I am hoping that if my crops continue to grow I will be able to avoid the markets all together!

It also helps that my son thinks this whole thing is wonderful and fun 🙂


2 responses to “Why are all the cool people buying “organic”?

  1. Love your post!! I also pick and choose my organics because they are so expensive. I like to buy organic berries, tomatoes, and apples. Another one I choose to skip is oranges.

  2. I am going to start buying organic apples, I thought I read the skin was thick enough but I was reading more and I am wrong! I am actually excited that the farmers markets are starting open around me, so many grocery stores only carry a few organic things!

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