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Sunscreen? YES and keep it coming!

This was such a fun and exciting weekend! The pool is open, the kids were running all over the place outside enjoying the beautiful weather, there was such happiness in the air! My son is the funniest, he can wake up at 6am and he wants to run outside and play on the deck with his water toys etc. Every morning my new summer ritual begins, apply lots of sunscreen, put on the rash guard (water shirt) and send him on his way. Then I reapply a minimum of every 2 hours with the water babies spray. I do this all day every day if he’s going to be outside. He loves it, he never complains because it’s routine and he’s used to it. My daughter is only 9 months so she fights me but she gets the same treatment! Overkill? I think not, the sun is dangerous and there is no way I want my kids exposed to that so early in life. We have tent on the deck with sunscreens to limit the exposure.

I witnessed many parents over the weekend that don’t do this and I don’t understand it. I have been wondering if it’s that they don’t even realize they aren’t doing it or are people really dumb enough to think if you spray it on at 8am, it’s still working at 4pm? With everything we know and see about the dangers, I think it’s awful that parents don’t start really paying attention to this and making sure they protect their kids. There is nothing worse than a child with sunburn, and trust me I’ve missed spots and seen it first hand!

Parents I urge you to make this a priority this summer, protect your kids and yourselves!

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I will buy the crap food that makes my kid fat and then blame you McDonald’s for selling it!

So I just read the article about McDonald’s:

“McDonald’s Corp investors soundly rejected a shareholder proposal that would have required the world’s biggest fast-food chain to assess its impact on childhood obesity.”

Facebook is blazing! I think it’s amazing how we blame food chains for child obesity! Sure they could do more to serve up some healthy options but we, the PARENTS, are the ones buying the food. You can blame all the savvy advertising, the crummy toys, and the lovely clown that is sure to entice your children to come in and chow down on salty fries and disgusting “chicken” nuggets (I use quotes because I doubt it’s chicken lol) or we could take responsibility and feed our kids clean healthy meals.

I am not going to say that I or my son have never eaten this food, we have and to be honest he doesn’t prefer it to homemade nuggets or even the purdue ones- which is what I consider fast food.

From birth I gave my son (and now my daughter) lots of fruits and veggies and they love it. They don’t even know the world of garbage food exists- and when they are old enough I can only pray that all the years of talking to them about eating/being healthy will be enough to keep them on the right path. We lead our children by example. I let them eat cookies and cake on occasion but if I put cookies in front of my son and fresh watermelon I can guarantee he’s going for the watermelon.

All I am saying is we make choices every day for ourselves and for our children, if you are going to take the easy way and make the wrong choice then blame yourself!

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Why are all the cool people buying “organic”?

This is like a new phenomenon, all of a sudden websites, blogs and magazines are filled with articles and notes on buying organic fruits and veggies. So I decided to do a ton of research on this and find out what the real deal is!

Here are 2 highlights:


  • Some nasty chemicals are sprayed on them, it’s gross and it kills the nutrients
  • Our bodies now have to combat these chemicals what we are voluntarily ingesting, to say is bluntly we are poisoning ourselves (nice, right?)


Doesn’t sound so bad really when you think about all the other stuff we feed ourselves- all those chemicals that we like to call fat-free i.e. I can’t believe it’s not butter (me either, because it’s not!) It also costs a lot more to buy organic produce- sometimes a lot more!

Well I am on my quest for clean and healthy so I decided I would join in on the craze but only on certain things that I believe from reading would have the greater amount of toxins- namely anything with thin skin that can’t block it out. I am always updating this and it doesn’t mean I would refuse to eat a blueberry but I am trying!

Here is my list:







Red Peppers


Green Beans









I recently started a garden in the backyard and we have planted many of these so I am hoping that if my crops continue to grow I will be able to avoid the markets all together!

It also helps that my son thinks this whole thing is wonderful and fun 🙂


Music IS the answer!


There is no better way to get into the workout groove then listening to your favorite kick butt songs! They make you smile, sing and keep you motivated- they can also give you extra strength when you need it!

This is my current playlist, I shuffle and go! I use this to run, food shop, and sometimes to fold clothes lol whatever I just like being pumped up!

  • Travie McCoy- After Midnight
  • Flo Rida- Wild Ones
  • Nicki Minaj- Starships
  • Beyonce- Get me Bodied (It’s old but it works for me!)
  • Chris Brown- Turn up the Music
  • Train- Drive By
  • Jessie J- Domino
  • Pitbull- International Love
  • Swedish House Mafia- Save the World
  • Rihanna- We found Love
  • Outasight- Tonight is the Night
  • Nelly- The Champ
  • B.o.B.- So Good
  • Ke$ha- Take it Off (Another old one but I love it!)

I currently have no Britney but you can’t go wrong with her songs!

My advice, find what you like, turn it up and kick some A$$!!!

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Get out of your own way…AKA Stop your BITCHING!

Sounds harsh right? But the biggest culprit for us not achieving our goals is US! I am relating this to fitness but it really fits wherever! Here’s a newsflash, people who are fit and healthy or just starting out on that path are doing SOMETHING besides complaining (although I have my days lol) but the point is if you want something, get off your ass and go get it. No one can do it for you, I have tried so many time to motivate people- it doesn’t work and I end up feeling bad!

All you need to do is decide that you want to do something, whatever that is and do it. Here is an example of how this works for those that need it. I want to run a 5K and do a mud run this year but I haven’t run consistently in years! So I sought the advise of some friends that run and I woke up one morning, laced up my sneakers and hit the sidewalk. It was awful, I was panting and sweaty and I am sure I looked like a dork on the road but I stuck with it and when I got back home I felt so accomplished. I went one mile and you would have thought I ran a marathon, but I made the decision to do it and I will stick to it. This is week 2 and it’s not that it’s so much fun for me right now but I refuse to quit, I refuse to be like everyone else and just want and wish and do nothing.


To help, I printed all these “stupid” motivational pictures from pinterest, or facebook and plastered them everywhere- my fridge, my desk I even have one as a background on my phone and when I feel like quitting or even skipping a day I read them to myself and force myself to move.

It’s hard, it sucks, you will cry (I do!) but for yourself, DO IT. Do not let fear or pain dictate who you are.

I seriously love helping people and I find that reaching out to people on the same path can really help keep you on track. If anyone needs a boost I am always here!

🙂 Happy Wednesday!

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Ok, what is Advocare here is what you get direct from the website:

“AdvoCare is a premier health and wellness company offering world-class energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance products along with a rewarding business opportunity.”

If you want to know the real story, keep listening!

I was down to the last 10lbs and it was killing me, I mean I was eating perfect, working out and that scale refused to move. I was either going to put it through a wall or my fist I was so frustrated. Then my friend recommended that I do the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. I was basically like whatever and I blew her off for a few weeks. As my frustration grew I decided to try it- but I had no confidence it would work because nothing was working. I said I would do whatever, follow the plan to the T to lose whatever I could.

It’s not easy, it’s a 10 day cleanse and 2 week weight management program where you eat clean and cut out all the goods like sugar, coffee and alcohol. I was desperate!

Ok so I had the misconception that cleanse = a million trips to the bathroom and I was freaked out. Well nothing happened- basically since you are eating clean your body is absorbing all that good stuff meaning there is less waste. Not a bad start!

By the end of 10 days I forgot all about the coffee and sugar, and I was just starting to feel really good. I suddenly had all this energy thanks to the SPARK energy drink (which is still my favorite!) and my skin cleared up- I mean no more blemishes not a speck. All of a sudden people at work were complimenting me on my glow even though I am still not getting a good nights sleep! It was a great feeling and I wanted more!

After the cleanse, the real fun began, the weight management system which consists of kick-a$$ vitamins, a meal replacement shake and that lovely SPARK started to kick in and I felt awesome. It was like my whole body was rejuvenated.

In the end I lost 10lbs and several inches of body fat. I was at my goal weight for the first time in 3 years and I wanted to stay here forever.

Needless to say you need a plan for when the challenge over, if you go back to your bad habits the weight will come back with a few lb friends! I decided that since I really liked how I felt I would continue on my eating clean journey. I have maintained my weight for 3 months and with the help of Advocare products I feel better than I did in my 20’s. I love that I can keep up with both kids, work and my household responsibilities with no problem anymore.

Since I was ordering so much stuff I decided to become a distributor. I wanted the discount period. But so many of my friends were inspired to try the challenge that I shared enough to make me and advisor- and I am still sharing the challenge and other products today. It’s amazing how it feels to inspire and help people reach their goals.

If anyone is interested, I can help you too! I have helped people figure out what their goals are and put together a program of healthy eating and exercise..and all have been successful.

Email me for more details!

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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! If you want to know more about me personally, click on the “about” icon 🙂

I am happy to share with you my journey on how I am taking charge of my health and well being while still balancing a career and family!

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Jillian Michaels

It’s crazy, people either love or hate this woman!

I looked into her workouts completely unbiased. I have never watched the biggest loser so I had no preconceived notions about her, all I wanted was a workout that I could do every day at 4am and not die in the process. I bought Insanity and although I really liked it, I needed a change and I wanted weights. Plus I am too tall for all that plyometric stuff in my basement lol

I watched an infomercial for her Total Body Revolution. It seemed easy enough and it’s only 30 minutes. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it- and I did have a few people on facebook tell me they tried this or other Jillian videos and they liked them.

I am in week 6- although I am not following her 3 phase plan lol I know I have to be difficult!

To be honest after week 4 I still felt that I needed to strengthen my core and after 2 C Sections it takes a little longer these days! I also wanted to master the moves, I have terrible balance and it’s improving but I want to make sure that I have perfect form so I don’t get hurt.

So 6 weeks and I am still rocking the first 4 workouts but I love them! I added heavier weights, some ankle weights and I still get a great workout every morning.  I highly recommend this series to anyone with limited time.

I just purchased her Yoga Meltdown video too, once I start that I will let you know how it is!

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Hot Yoga!

My girlfriend introduced me to Hot Yoga about a month ago. I had no idea what I was getting in to! I thought at first it was a great way to get out of the house for an hour, it seemed to compliment my workout routine nicely. 5 days of cardio and weights then one of awesome stretching in the heat- what’s not to love?

Well let me tell you it’s awesome but will kick your butt every week!

I am currently doing bootcamp every Saturday morning. They mix some traditional yoga poses with other more traditional exercises, crank the heat up to anywhere between 95-100 degrees and let you have it. It’s still not even remotely easy for me, I am dripping with sweat wanting to cry every week but it makes you feel so good. I don’t know whether its just the workout or the added heat that completely refreshes your whole body. I feel like I had a great workout but I am loose, and totally relaxed afterwards.

I can tell that my body is getting toned in ways I never thought possible.


I even started picking up extra classes when I can during the week- it feels that good!


If you are looking for a change, an hour of peace and quiet, or a butt kicking I highly recommend hot yoga!

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Working Moms- and why we take a lot of crap!

So recently I was reading online about how “whiny” working moms have become- the first thing I thought was ok that might be true so I kept reading. Turns out there are “people” that believe that we have it easy. We don’t have to stay home and do the grunt work of raining kids every day, we get to go out and apparently have fun all day then get home with just enough time to play, eat and put the kids to bed for the night.

As I glared back at the screen I thought to myself- ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? I actually have to work, kids are expensive and unless we want to eat cereal every night and move into a shack I need to get my butt up and out every day. I work pretty damn hard too all day, I don’t have all this fun that was mentioned- or I am in the wrong profession- either way it’s hard and I deal with the mental anguish of missing my kids all day and wishing I was able to be home with them. Let me tell you this is no walk in the park ladies. I wake up extra early to work out, do laundry, empty the dishwasher whatever needs to be done. I then get dressed, go to work only to go home and play, read and clean up after the kids. We eat dinner then I have to clean up, play some more, get the bathtub ready and then the nightly rituals start! Bath time, jammy jammy time (as it’s called in my house) pre-bed snack time then we watch a little TV read 2 books and it’s off to bed- oh did I mention I haven’t sat down since I got home and now it’s 8:00 already! The kids are off to bed and I get to pack my lunch for work, pay some bills and maybe have a cup of tea before I get to bed and start all over.

Don’t get me wrong, my boyfriend is home with our children all day. He works really hard all day taking care of them (2 1/2 and 9 months) so I give any one that stays home their proper credit because it’s not easy but let’s recognize that it’s not easy for ANYONE raising kids whether you are home or not. We all put in a fair amount of work and I think we can all agree it’s completely worth it! So can we all give ourselves a break here?

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